Whether you’re an architect, an designer, or a building owner, you have a wide variety of fire detection systems to choose from.

“Why Autocall?” – in one word, that word would be “innovation.”

Autocall innovation is focused and driven by a very clear philosophy. All people and facilities deserve to be well protected by fire detection systems that deliver technologically advanced performance.

The Autocall  slogan: “Never compromise”  means excelling across all metrics, from innovation … to value … to ease of use … to affordability … to future-proofing … to support.

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The brains behind Autocall fire detection systems are the complete family of control panels. They offer many compelling features and benefits including:

Addressability … for lower installation costs, more intelligent performance and easier testing.

Modular design … so they can be customized to each facility’s unique needs.

An intuitive interface … for easier operation whether you’re controlling the system from a workstation, a web interface, or our mobile client.

Integration with building systems … to enable better information sharing, centralized control and a coordinated response.

Future-proofing/upgradeability is another common feature. With Autocall, you’ll always be able expand your system and gain access to new technologies as they become available.

And finally, regulatory compliance and conformance to local codes for worry-free performance that meets the highest standards.

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The control panels are complemented by a full line of detection products, many of which are individually addressable. We’ve talked about the benefits of addressability, but Autocall detection products also offer a host of value-added features. You can fine-tune the sensitivity of each device to fit its environment, right down to 0.2%. Drift compensation lets you know when a sensor is dirty and needs cleaning – before it triggers a nuisance alarm.

It all adds up to high-performance products that deliver greater reliability, and fewer headaches and nuisance alarms.

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Autocall’s notification products include TrueAlert ES devices that are designed to improve both performance and manageability. Helpful features include:

Easier, more efficient design and installation. With the ability to t-tap and install more appliances per run, TrueAlert ES appliances have been judged 10% to 30% less costly to install, according to an independent third-party testing lab. The functionality of each TrueAlert ES device can be individually programmed, so installers can fine-tune each system to the unique needs of each space in a facility. 

Unique self-testing capability. With TrueAlert ES, building owners and managers can test all of their notification appliances in seconds. They can test when and how it’s most convenient for them. And they can reduce disruption and eliminate costly, after-hours manual testing.

TrueAlert® ES addressable notification products -- Unlike conventional products, these intelligent devices operate under constant electronic supervision, providing additional assurance of reliable performance. Should a product malfunction, it is immediately detected by the panel and a trouble alert is generated so that it can be quickly replaced.

TrueAlert ES addressable speakers are the fire alarm industry’s first addressable speakers with individual speaker audio on-off control. Designed to provide higher quality audio output, improved aesthetics and sophisticated emergency message delivery, TrueAlert ES audio speakers can deliver different targeted audio messages to different areas within a building. They also offer self-testing (manually or via the fire alarm control panel).


With fewer wires and often lighter-gauge wiring, architects and designers have greater flexibility in how they design an addressable fire detection system. Because every device on the network is intelligent, errors in design, installation, and wiring are immediately apparent and easily correctable. When devices don’t have to be wired individually to the control panel, you can add additional devices without wholesale reconfiguration, so you can scale the system easily. And because Autocall offers a full line of addressable products, architects and designers have everything they need to tailor the system to each facility.

BUILDING CONTRACTORS: Ease of Installation

For building contractors, Autocall addressable fire detection systems help to ensure ease of installation. With Autocall, installation is less complex, takes less time, and costs less. In fact, according to an independent third-party lab, Autocall TrueAlert ES appliances are between 10% and 30% less costly to install than conventional systems. Once the installation is completed, testing it is very simple and straightforward.


For building owners and managers, the value of a fire detection system is all about how it performs, day to day. Does it generate too many nuisance alarms? Is testing disruptive to building occupants? Is it difficult to operate and manage? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” that’s a fire detection system that will deliver nothing but headaches for years to come.

Autocall isn’t just about being code-compliant. The addressability of many of these products delivers many benefits. The unique self-testing devices save untold hours of time and effort. And, workstation-based centralized control and a smartphone mobile client are available for easier management.

Result? A highly reliable fire detection system that requires less time, effort, and cost to manage and maintain.

It’s clear: Autocall outpaces the competition by delivering technologically superior systems that are easy to install simple to service and cost effective to own.