Residential Kitchen Fire Suppression


According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) cooking fires is the #1 cause of single and multi-family family dwellings.

Over 12 million single and multi family cooking fires resulting in 640,000 injuries occur annually. These facts are from the National Fire Protection Association's study of unreported fires.

In seconds, your range can turn into an inferno, jeopardizing your family and home. Perhaps you've already experienced this disaster - the helplessness and panic.

Many who try to extinguish the fire unknowingly add to the fire, Increasing damage and injuries. Calling the fire department is important, but, regardless how fast the response, the grease fueled flames can quickly engulf the vent hood and enter the structure of your home.

Injury to family members, Loss of home, Irreplaceable family documents, Photos and heirlooms are reduced to ash - the cost of the devastation immeasurable.

The time to protect your family and home from a range top fire is before it strikes. That's why so many people depend on the Guardian for proven single and multi family fire protection...

The Guardian is a state-of-the-art system, which installs in the hood of your range. When a fire erupts, a fire suppressing liquid is released, snuffing out the flames. It also automatically disconnects the electricity or shuts off the gas line so the fire does not re-ignite. These systems are so compact they install in the cupboard above the range.

Fires in single family dwellings most often start in:

  • Kitchen = 23.5%
  • Bedroom = 12.7%
  • Living Room = 7.9%

Fires in multifamily dwellings most often start in:

  • Kitchen = 46.1%
  • Bedroom = 12.3%
  • Living Room = 6.2%

Two (2) out of Three (3) residential cooking fires are reported to have started with the range or stove.

**Electric ranges or stoves have a higher risk of fires, injuries, and property damage compared to gas ranges or stoves; but gas ranges or stoves have a higher risk of fire deaths.**

Can you afford for a kitchen fire to destroy or damage your residence?

A residential range hood fire suppression system is the key to prevent a fire from starting in your kitchen.